At Saturday in September 4, 2010

At Saturday, my family and I went to the Coronado Bay. My auntie, my cousins, and my grandma were there too. My mom, my grandma, and my auntie cooked barbecue. It tasted so good, that my barbecue and my plate fell on the ground, so I had to get another barbecue. Then my cousins, my brother, and I went to the golf course to jog. I was fast that I beat them. Next we went back to the Coronado Bay. After that we ate some more. Then my brother and I went to the beach. When we were at the beach, my mom and dad walked. Then our visitors came. They first took some pictures of us swimming. Then they ate noddles. My brother and I were shy because we didn’t know them very much. It was a long time ago. Then my mom said,” Come here now.” Then we ate some more because we hungry. Then we changed because it as getting cold. Finally, we went home.


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