The Most Amzing Thing in My Life

Today was best ever because we went to Coronado Beach. First we used a public bus, the trolley, and the exciting part is the ferry. First we walked to go to the bus stop; we waited a few minutes until the bus came. Before we went on the bus we had to group ourselves into eight with a parent. Then we walked in the bus. Then we waited until we were on 8th street. In addition, we were on the trolley station, but we didn’t go on the trolley yet because we needed to wait for Mr.Clarken’s class so we can go to the Coronado Beach all together. Then we were so excited to the Cabrillo ferry, but we had to walk to go to the ferry. After we got off the ferry we went to the side of the beach. Next Mr.Crosbie gave some instruction to meet him at 1:30pm.First we had to go to our group so we don’t get lost. Then we went to the restroom to change. Then we ate our lunch. Some people went to the water. After that we decided to ride on the bike but, we couldn’t because everyone want to drive the bike and the driver needed to be eight-teen or over. Then we decide to look at the stores some people bought stuff. Next we saw the Cold Stone store. Then we bought some ice cream. We had to sit down and eat our ice cream because we can’t eat in the store. Then we walked around the beach and took a lot of pictures, then we went back to the place where we suppose to meet Mr. Crosbie. Then Mr.Crosbie and Mr.Clarken came and took a picture of the whole class. In addition, we went in line and waited a few minutes for the ferry to come. Then we went to the ferry and ate some snacks. We went back to the trolley station and waited for the blue line trolley. Then we went on the bus Mr.Crosbie and Mr.Clarken’s classes have to fit in one bus, there were a lot of people in the bus. Then we got off the bus and we were back on Palmer Way!


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