The Weird Thursday on September 30, 2010

On Thursday, when I was at school, I heard thunder. We went to the lower field ,and Kaylani and Hana teach us how to hula, because it was Hawaiian day.Some people were wearing Hawaiian clothes.Then it started raining and we got wet. After a few minutes, Vera and I was helping the kindergarten and there was a loud thunder so, they were screaming and got scared. Then when Iwent back to class the power went out, but we still continue our rotation with chesskids, suduko, math 24 and also the ranking. The power didnt come back on so the lunch ladies brought sack lunch for our class. Mr.Crosbie, Angel, Larissa, Marshanae, and Kiara D. was rehearsing the song “Beat It”for the rock band. After a while, the power went back on so we were happy. It was 1:00 pm so we had to leave. Then when I got home I started doing my homework because maybe there will be a blackout. There was still thunder when I was home.


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