On Friday October 8, 2010

On Friday during P.E. in the morning with played jackfrost, was fun but everybody got tag. Then we practiced our fluency reading called A Columbus Poem. We also did our cornel notes for the explorers like Da Gama, Amerigo Vespucci, Cabral, and Cabot. Some of these explorers are so famous for exploring some new places. Then we did our Response to Literature to a trickster tale story called, “Coyote Goes to the Land of Death” we had to do 5 paragraphs and it is introduction, 3 supporting details and a conclusion. Some people typed their Response to Literature on the computer. Mr.Crosbie also changed our desk so we can work on our project this Monday. At the end of the day Mr.Crosbie let us do some jackfrost game for P.E. On one of the game Vera won because no one tagged her. Mr.Crosbie told her to pick 3 people to be with her to tag people, so she picked Angel, and Kiara D. and me on that game. Then we got dismissed, so we went home.


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