On Thursday October 28, 2010

As usual, we did the thursday mile, After that, we played a game of jackfrost. Next we did a warm up lap. Some of them didn’t follow directions so they stayed in the lower field and did the 2 minute drill. We did the chess rotations, I played Angel and she beat me. Then after recess we did the primary source paper and put it live in usstream. Jedrick and Stephen rock it. They might get 100% on the primary source. After lunch we did the meeting in front of the cafeteria. First we waited for Mr.Clarken to come. So first we played Indian Chief. A few minutes Mr.Clarken came so they started announcing the IXL, Jedrick is still on the lead Vera was second, and Caitlyn is still on third place. Well on the usage Aaron is still first with still 6 hours.


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