On Tuesday November 2, 2010

Today in morning class we played a game called bughouse. In that game we need 4 players, 2 people had to be partners, my partner was Viviana, and we were battling Vera and Kiara. We really didn’t know how to play so we were like beginners on that game. We learned that on that game is still like chess, but it’s different that you have to give the pieces you eat to your partner. In class we were trying to finish our explorers card with Mr.Leo in the computer lab. We also have to finish drawing and coloring our explorers. Then we took two math test. Then we went to Shakespeare. On Shakespeare we watch a BBC anime Winters Tale movie it was kind of the same in the paper that we read. We couldn’t work the movie so we might watch it tomorrow. We left Mr. Clarken’s class then left school.


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