Tuesday November 9, 2010

Today we didn’t do rotations, because we did something more fun like, drawing stuff Picasso. We started with pencil. Then we outline it with marker and lastly we colored it with chalk. Some of us also went to Shakespeare because tonight was the day we go to the Old Globe to watch the “Winter’s Tale story”. We went home and waited for it to be 5pm to get ready for Shakespeare. At 5:30 pm my mom drove me to the Old Globe. When we got there not a lot of people were there already. We still had to wait for other people to come. But we also waited until 7 pm to go inside the Theater. Other people were walking around waiting. Finally we went inside the Theater. My friends, my mom, and I were sitting in the same row. We waited another couple of minutes to fill up the sit. When the story started, first came the narrator. After 1 hour we had a break to use the restroom and eat. Then we went back and continued the story this time it was about the Kingston finding his daughter from a Sheppard. They also round out the Paulina knows where Hermione was, and she showed Hermione to the King and his daughter (Perdita). When they saw Hermione the story was over. This was a great Shakespeare story, but it was sad for Hermione to loose her son.


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