On Monday December 6, 2010

Today there was no morning class because Mr.Clarken is going with the 6th grader to their camp. Also we won’t have morning class until Thursday. We are going to have morning class on Friday. Well on P.E. we did 3 laps, leaf frog tag then another warm up lap. In class we did rotations and some of us turn in our daily task list, and Mr.Crosbie told Caitlyn, Clarence, Vera and I that we did a great handle on our task list. He told us that 4 of us were the only one that did more than the others did. We went to lunch and brought our food inside class and we had Kiara C’s party and her mom brought pizza. When we were done eating we played piñata, but it’s not the one you hit and candy comes one. It’s a game that you have to bring something to the birthday girl that she ask for. Kiara’s party was fun. My classmates were screaming inside the classroom when their trying to look for that stuff.


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