On Friday December 10, 2010

Today we did the boys and girls relay race. It was fun because girls won again. When we were done we were about to play a game in the lower field, but some of our classmates were up on the upper field already. We went to our silent reading and some of my classmates were send to play their opponent for the chess tournament. At math time we got our test back and we have to fix the questions that we got wrong, but the people that got an A+ on their test got to play chess. I got 80% on my test so I got B. Mr.Crosbie also said that if we were quiet, we get to play P.E. with Mr.Clarken’s class. The 6th graders also got back from their camp! When we were at P.E. we played a dodge ball with all the kids in Mr.Crosbie and Mr.Clarken. The douge ball was different because there was teams. It was so fun. When we were in the middle of a game, we didn’t finish because of the fire drill, we thought that the fire drill went on because of the steam in the Filipino store. When the fire drill was over we continued our game. When it was time to go home we had to get the ball that Mr.Clarken is throwing, but you can’t leave wihout getting the ball. When I finally got the ball I left the shool. It was fun playing with my classmates and wtih the teachers.


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