On Tuesday December 14, 2010

Today in P.E. we did like a mile because some of us didn’t get ready when we were trying to practice “The 12 day of Christmas Song”. When we weren’t ready in 3 seconds we have to run a lap and the next one weren’t ready again so in all we ran 4 laps. Finally on the 4th lap we got ready in 10 seconds. Then on that time we started to singing. We practice for like 15 minutes and we did great, but Mr.Crosbie and Mr.Clarken arrange some stuff like moving people in different groups. When we were done practicing we went up the hill and went to our classrooms. Some people in buddies had to leave to performance. Then one kid came in our class and told us to get ready to perform up in the cafeteria stage. After the performance, we went near the lower field fence and practice and practice the song. We practice two times. Then we went to class and when it was time to go we left.


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